Friday, September 25, 2009

the Southern Women's Show

me, Scott Rinehart and Jennifer A.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped already and will continue helping throughout the weekend at the Cochlear booth at the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham, AL. Today alone I got to speak with several who were scheduled for hearing evaluations (one was a 9 month old) and I talked to an audiologist who Jennifer knew that worked with a local school system, an up and coming Speech Language Pathologist, a mother of a Teacher of the Deaf, a lady at another booth who has a clothing store and whose daughter is a senior with a cochlear implant(s), and many more lovely folks. Scott is our Awareness Manager and is doing a fabulous job sporting his new Nucleus 5 processors. He came in today with the his little flasher on hoping to attract some attention, which I found hilarious...he doesn't have to work too hard to attract attention at a women's show, come on!! Jennifer came by for a few hours and was off to get her son's Nucleus 5 processors. John is a new recipient of Cochlear devices and just had his initial stim this week! If you didn't get a chance to come to the show and you do get a chance to come to my presentation on November 16 for Alabama's Early Intervention (details to come) please do so. I love meeting new families and will be glad to listen, talk to, or help in any way I can. Hopefully Scott will be able to swing by that as well, but it's not specifically all about cochlear implants, it'll be about our experiences, and simple things you can do at home to help these little guys learn to hear and speak. I have lots of resources as well so when I get the time for that presentation and details I will surely post them. Have a great weekend.


Lydia said...

did you get to talk with people using the new Nucleus 5? Does Scott have it? If so, what does he think?

Val said...

Scott does have the external N-5 now. He likes them, and he showed me the remote. He says he can turn off the telecoil or he can have it set on automatic so that it would automatically turn on telecoil should someone use a neckloop or hold the telephone up to his ear. We were talking about fm compatibility when he discussed this to a passer by-er who was an audiologist for a school sys.He told her if they had the neckloops it should kick in automatically if set that way..... I hope I'm not misinterpreting what was said about it. I didn't ask if the sound quality was any better...? He did have freedoms. But you can still control the processors or lock them so it's on remote only. Neat stuff. My friend who now has 2 boys is sharing the newest set of N-5's between her boys. So the youngest who was implanted years ago is wearing the oldest (implanted last week and I know you hate that word implanted, lol) but that's what she's doing so they both can use the N-5's. Today was the first day though so we'll see.

Val said...

I meant she's letting the youngest wear the oldest's backups he got today. So they each have a set of N 5 for daily wear and the youngest kid's freedoms are their backups.