Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Movie Day

First I want to say, I'm very proud of my Brooklyn, she only got one check mark last week for behavior (this is a big improvement!) She's learning the rules, and hopefully will continue on with her good behavior. Gage can't seem to sit still, no surprise there. I've dropped off the ADHD papers, waiting on them to be graded by pediatrician so we can come in and talk about medications and if they are right for Gage. We've done this once before but declined meds, now we are doing it again. I personally have a lot going on. It all is hearing loss related (no surprise there) but I still look forward to the day I can contribute to the family's income by subbing part time...still no calls in that dept. The kids have been doing a fantastic job of wearing rechargeables batteries to school when their disposables for the FM receivers die down, changing the FM microlinks and putting fresh batteries in, and returning my rechargeables back to me. Sometimes they'll come home after school and the battery will die, I put the microlinks in their cases in their backpacks because all their disposable batteries are at school and let them use a rechargeable til they can change it the next day. Even my 5 year old is doing this!! Also a quick story about deaf children correcting hearing adults' speech. Gage was in the car with my mom and she said "Look for some deers." (lol) Now I've advised Gage to stop correcting people's grammar mistakes and speech, it's not polite. So mom notices that under his breath he said, "deer," as he looked out of his window. She says, "Well one would be deer and more than one would be deers." He politely assured her she was wrong and she figured he was likely correct so she took his correction (and laughed about it). Kids!

Okay, movie day...So I watched a movie we rented from Netflix (at my husband's request) called "There Will Be Blood". I'm really not sure what I think of it. It's really about how horrible this man becomes the more oil he acquires. Mo money mo problems! But if you haven't seen this movie, the man's son is injured and becomes deaf. Directly after the explosion, the boy can be heard saying "I can't hear my voice". And he never speaks again until his father demands he speak rather than "flap his hands around". I find that not realistic (about immediately not using his voice anymore) but I guess the movie wanted to quickly get into the signing. The old man actually mocks his son's deafness when the grown son returns to tell his father he'll be an oil competitor rather than continue working for his father. I think you should just watch the movie and draw your own conclusions, it is interesting and more of a guy's movie I guess, but I did watch it all and found it interesting. And the boy's hearing loss plays a big role in the movie you'll find.


Shanna aka Eli n Lucas's mommy said...

Sounds like an interesting movie...my husband would probably love it...I'm more into chick flicks - lol! Yes that was Lucas in the newsletter this month. We were really surprised (and touvched) when his audiologist asked us to tell his story. I am not the best writer (you've seen my blog - lol - I like taking pictures - not writing!) but if you want to post that article on the BamaEars blog I would be more than happy to try to get the Ok from the Hear Center! I wrote it - so I don't think it would be any problem. Just let me know! Hope you get a subbing job soon! My friend sub's and she made little buiness cards and passed them out at school....she gets tome of calls now!

Val said...

Shanna, how 'bout I just describe Lucas from your story w/a couple of sentences (paraphrased) and then maybe quote you on a couple more sentences...all in all just like four sentences or so and when I quote it I can state I got it from your story in around HEAR (the newsletter), that way I don't just copy the whole thing from them, and if you'll email me some pics at bamaears(at)yahoo(dot)com , I can send you the story before I use it.

lbre969903 said...

I'm in the same boat right now. I put my name into sub and got calls the first week of school and couldn't do it at all and now I'm not getting any... Bummer!