Thursday, September 24, 2009


...something I did twice today. First, I took the kids to school and dropped off the ADHD papers at the pediatrician's office. I then stopped by and checked my p.o. box while I was in town. As I pulled into the parking lot, there was "the old man". This old guy has been around town for many years. He had a stroke and has some paralysis in his face but still speaks well and gets around. This morning as I see his car at the post office, I park my car and wait...avoidance. I felt guilty checking my emails as I wait for him to leave. He's the nicest thing ever but I didn't have 15 minutes to talk to him about his deceased wife today. He loved her. He misses her He's actually very interesting to talk to and I normally never avoid him but today, I knew I couldn't give him the full time he needed to tell me how lonesome he is. I didn't want to rudely rush his story, that I know he needs to tell. So I opted for avoidance. Now I feel guilty. I will again go to the post office in the morning (he goes at the same time every morning) and I will NOT avoid him. I will give him his 15 min he needs, and I'll enjoy listening to him, as always.

One thing I didn't avoid was the Southern Women's Show. I always try to volunteer when asked to stand at a Cochlear booth, and will do it again tomorrow. Just this morning, my deaf child turns the radio on in the car to his favorite country station and says "George Straight" with a smile. He wasn't asking, he knew it was George Straight, and he was proud. Having only been hearing with his current ci's for five months, this is well worth my trip to the civic center to talk to people about cochlear implants. I met my new friend Joy who has a precious five year old girl with one ci. Sorry about the photo quality, I had left my camera in the car! You can see Scott from Cochlear talking passionately about a Baha device to a lady with single sided deafness. Tomorrow my friend Jennifer will come for a while to sit with me at the booth before her child has mapping. Both of her children are now in bilaterals which you probably read about on Bama Ears. We will have better pictures tomorrow! Although I didn't avoid the event itself, I did unfortunately have to park in an undesirable area (across the street from a Salvation Army). It was the last of the free parking spaces, I did not want to pay 8.00 to park when the only cash I had was 10! I'll bring more cash tomorrow. Last time I went to the civic center, I parked in the same area and as I walked to my car, I had to pass a man I thought was talking to me. He said, "I wanna be a boxa". I smiled nervously, not sure how to take that but when I looked up at him, I could tell he was looking at someone other than me! But there was no one there. He then began to air box. So I avoided that side of the street completely. I walked as fast as my elevated shoes and fitted skirt would take me, which is faster than I would have imagined them going. No one spoke to me, no one was boxing. Whew!
I emailed more teachers today in hopes they will soon start calling for me to sub! Still no calls! And as for the October Challenge, I'm down almost 5 lbs and still a ways to go, I hit a slump. But my other girls are rockin' it and doing great, better then me. Go be continued.


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

i have a neighbor...same thing..needs to talk. but he was that way b4 his wife died..and he isn't all that nice. athough rather kind to Andrew interestingly enough.

and what the heck does that mean..Salvation army is bad part of town LOL ;) i like the Salvation ARmy was in there this week. Usually it is to drop off but am actually looking for a $400 blender there.

Val said...

I'm not from there so i have no clue why there are so many people gathered outside that Salvation Army....? But I got the heck out of there, gotta go back tomorrow though, will try to park before I get to that particular street! or use the deck, if I remember to go by the ATM.