Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a hearing cat

It was so nice of Brooklyn to share her processor with her new stuffed cat that Nanny brought back from the mountains...looks like it's complete with a microlink FM battery cage as well.
(yes Brook loves her overalls! she wore them Thurs. to school and again on Tues. and will likely want to wear them Fri. if I let her.)
Just a couple of more weeks til Gage's surgery on his face, just a minor proceedure, no hospital stay or anything...just a Goldenhar kinda thing....
Go read about this adorable kid on Bama Ears....click here
I'll bring photos from the Cochlear booth we have on Thurs and Fri at the Southern Women's Show.


leah said...

Have you ever seen the pictures of the real cats with cochlear implants (I guess they used white cats that were born deaf as test subjects for some CI's). I like overalls, too- Matt has a pair but hasn't worn them much due to potty training woes!

lbre969903 said...

I went to the National EHDI Conference a couple years ago and some professional had pictures of that white cat with a CI. It was a little weird but cool none the less! I absolutely love B's glasses!