Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So I wanted to go meet the "new guy" on the block that serves as our area Cochlear Awareness Rep. when I heard he was in town to see if I could get the low down on "the goods". But knowing the seriousness of the situation, I called for my backup, Jennifer A. Rumors have been flying of some "better stuff" hitting the streets soon under the code name of Nucleus 5. Jennifer went undercover and arrived in her workout clothes on her way "to the gym" (she's a genius) and even brought her four year old "prop" who was wearing some technology previous sold by an associate of this "new guy". She was already drilling the said New Guy to see if he had any information on "the goods" when I showed up late. He seemed to avoid questioning, which led us to believe he was either guilty himself, or withholding information. We took the tag team approach and when she finished, I began. One glance and I could tell he wasn't totally guilty. He was in fact armed with only his Freedoms. I checked to see if he had any other hidden technology over near his bag, and as his companion Red left the scene, I got down to business. Jennifer took the inquisitive approach, gathering initial information, playing the good girl **wink**. I came in fast, hard and strong, not giving him any chance to conceal information. "Can we get this here? It's all over the Internet, we want to know if someone having surgery in the next few months would have a shot at the 'good stuff'? Who, what, where, when?" We got a confession! He knew nothing. He said he wanted one too, and the company doesn't release all the information (even to employees) until it's FDA approved. So...I assured him AL had plenty of "techno junkies" that would be lining the streets for this "stuff". After a while, we let him go and released him with no charges pending.

In other news: thank you all for who are participating in the October Challenge, I walked straight up hill yesterday for quite a distance and now my legs are so sore I'm gonna have to do it again tomorrow just to stretch them out! You can still participate but you must send in your photos !

AND, my deaf child arrived safely home on the public school bus (his first time). I didn't notice the bus number when they dropped him off, I was too busy cheering and embarrassing him but he says I told him the wrong bus so they put him on that one he came home on...? I will look into that since I turned in the bus number that usually goes by here so I'll have to see. Brook won't start riding until Friday, her first full day of school. She's been getting out early all week since she's a kindergartner. I have a workshop to attend for substituting at the high school so it works out.


Tiffany C. said...

Oh yes, I have been reading a lot about the nucleus 5. Not so sure that I'm sold on it though. I'm not too fond of the remote control. Just something else to have to carry and make sure the school doesn't break. I like that it's more impact and water resistant, and smaller though. We'll just have to see when it comes out.

Lucas'Mommy said...

I was giggling at you being sly! LOL! I hope the FDA approves the new goods soon!

PinkLAM said...

Ah, the detectives ;)I agree with Tiffany, not too sold on the remote! But I read somewhere about it wirelessly connecting to iPods, so if it can do that, then I am SOLD! And smaller... definitely want it to be a lot smaller! But from the pics it looked like they have different ones.. some of the batteries look small (a mini I suppose) but the other ones look to be about the same size as the Freedom.