Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow, Helen Keller!

I was reading Jamie Berke this morning and found this from Bill Cresswell. Please click to see. Amazing video of Helen Keller and it's captioned!

We had a funeral the other day...Brook left one of her stuffed animals outside and our dog, well um, let's just say he loves stuffed animals too. It was Mama Giraffe, and you can see here that she rests peacefully in our yard (what we could find of her) and Baby Giraffe did attend the funeral.
We are still getting used to school, and the rules, and I have to remind myself that not everyone is quite as understanding as our fabulous teachers and when we cross those people along the way, it is our parental responsibility to advocate and educate them, or they will leave our path no better than they arrived.


Shanna aka Eli n Lucas's mommy said...

Poor Mama giraffe. Glad to see that baby giraffe was able to pull itself together enough to attend - lol! You are such a great Mom - you always inspire me to do more with the boys!
I wanted to ask you about your hearing impaired children road sign...How did you get it? We live in Cullman Co. Do you just call the road department? We want to get one before next spring when Lucas will be really mobile outside. Also, you mentioned something in your comment on the boys blog about a Hear Center picnic....when is it? I haven't seen/heard anything about it.
I still read your blog all the time, just am not really good about leaving comments - Sorry! ~ Shanna

Val said...

Shanna, I don't get to comment much either on people's blogs but I do read. I am waiting on the mom who coordinated the event at the park to let me know. She didn't call me back so I'm not positive either, but when I get that info, it'll go up on the blog. Road sign: yes, call your county's road sign dept. Just ask for a "caution, hearing impaired child" sign and if they don't get it up w/in a couple of weeks call back. Here's the blog I did about it:

rouchi said...

thanks for sharing, what desire to learn and how need can motivate was so obvious here.Really hair raising. We are blessed and cannot complain for people over the years have made our lives so easy.