Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't Say "I love you"........

I have made a critical error, but I've learned my lesson! You don't announce to the third grade class that you love your child...OOPS! I could see immediately that this is highly inappropriate and I should have known better. When eyes cut quickly in my direction and Gage said "Hey!" I knew I had crossed the line. I even said to the teacher, "Oh, was I not supposed to do that?" and her response "NOOO!" haha. As you can see from the photo Gage helped Brook with her hair this morning (and it showed! lol). When I went to "adjust" the front of her hair, they both asked why because Gage already did that! Well, I said, "I'm just gonna fix her bangs right here." Gage responded with, "Yea, I had trouble there, I thought about cutting it..."

Also, the kids have a new "job". I got tired of hearing how certain things like not only getting them something to eat at their beckoned call, but also I've learned it was my job to deliver it to where they were we are working on sharing household responsibilities.

Got Gage all mapped out yesterday, he behaved so well!!! He got two prizes. Both are using their FMs for the first time today, we'll see how that goes. The school hasn't ordered any batteries for them yet, so not sure how long they will continue working w/no batteries, but hopefully they will get that taken care of real soon *smile*.

And if there are any parents who want to write an article or help with a blog called "With Organized Chaos" let me know!! I need help with it. It's to help organize time better, save money, live healthier, a little of everything...teaching people how to organize their chaos so everyone is happier and life runs smoother. I have sort a "test" article up now but you can read it and get the idea.


leah said...

Thank goodness he didn't cut her hair! Although that would have been a funny blog post (for us- I'm sure you wouldn't have thought it was as funny)!

I'll have to check out your new blog!

Kim said...

Ack!!!! on cutting the hair. Thank goodness THAT didn't happen.

I have an organizational tip that I'm implementing this Sunday. I have announced that if people don't get their stuff picked up, it will go in a bag and have to be earned back. Everyday as I look around at "stuff" that doesn't belong to me I announce that Sunday is coming up. So far, I must have on a poker face cause no one is budging but mark my words, stuff is goin in a bag.

Everyday with Ethan said...

Don't you just LOVE when your kids slightly freak over public display of I love you's?

David said...

Heh! This is about the age we had our kids doing their own laundry. It is a long story, but, in summary, we boxed up *all* their clothes except for two sets for school and one set for church (for each child). If each could keep those clean and put away for a month, then he or she could choose one more set of clothes to have out. This could continue until each had as many sets out as he or she could maintain, or until each child stopped asking for additional sets of his or her clothes. Each kiddo stopped wanting more clothes out well before we unboxed all the clothes we had boxed up. When summer came, they chose to *put away* winter clothes in order to get out the summer clothes and not have to keep up with their winter clothes. In the fall, the reverse.

We never planned to move off to college with our kids (bg!) so we tried to teach (enforce?) some independent living skills as the kids were growing up.


Nicole said...

I hope the scissors are in a good hiding place! You may want to hide the clippers and razors too. He may decide to just shave her head next so her hair would be super-easy to fix!

Amen to giving them some jobs to do. Our new rule around here (as of today) is when they start fighting, they are given some housework to do TOGETHER. I'm hoping they will either stop fighting or my house will be cleaned!

rouchi said...

I found that hair thing sooo sweet.They really are so engrossed with each other. great bond between bro-sis.All the best for your new blog.

tammy said...

Oh mom! I love you's in third grade! LOL! Thanks for the warning because I drop Kailyn off for third grade this Monday! She'd be mortified I'm sure! haha

Yay for extra responsibilities. I've started that with my kids too this summer and it's amazing that a 12 year old really can vacuum the right way, the first time, after they have to do it over, and over, and over thinking mom will just take over. Nope.

Excited to check out the new blog because I sure could use some tips in this area as well!