Monday, August 24, 2009 ease

There are some things worth standing up for: and here are my two biggest reasons!

You won't hear me say "not my babies, they are perfect Angels..." but there are times when parents have to step in and make sure that ALL people who are responsible for these children when I'm not around, are doing everything in their power to keep them safe, teach them, and help them mature, grow and learn just like all the other kids are doing in their public school. I just have to say that it's wonderful to know you have a supportive principal, teacher and staff to keep things running smooth over the little bumps we may encounter. Even the school nurse called to ask me to give her more info on the kids and their cochlear implants. She's interested in even learning the different parts to the processors. "Of course I can come down one day and show you, we want you all to be very comfortable with the devices," I told her last week (don't you just love it).

Many of you are fighting battles, some seem more like wars with your schools, some are deciding to change schools and some are even homeschooling because of the massive amount of stress and "issues" that we deal with. I just feel 'at ease' with such a fabulous system we have in our area, and the people running the school here. Thank You!

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rouchi said...

Lucky you, touch wood. Last 2years I had very helpful teachers. This year I am yet to convince her about certain issues. Half your battle is won when the school supports you, there is confidence in the family.I hope our journey is happier ahead.all the best.