Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the deaf "kangaroo"

You can usually find Gage after school, releasing his ADHD ENERGY in the form of pretend play, usually involving animals that either run fast, hop fast or climb things. Today he was a kangaroo. Brook decided to do a "presentation" on the patio and I'm sorry that my camera ran out of batteries for that but I did catch her explaining to me why a kangaroo would need cochlear implants.

Yesterday the kids helped their Dad with a project they created in their own little heads. They decided that our cat Whiskers needed a cat box to sleep in so they put Dad to work! Now get in there cat! We did find her in there this morning (at her own will).

In other news, we decided to take Gage to a behavioral psychiatrist. No not what you think it is. We want to be sure that with his intelligence, his energy (ADHD), his hearing loss, and all that this little guy has been through in the last 8 years, all works to his advantage. We believe that all he has on his charts (medical and school) can certainly work together to benefit him in the end. So far we feel that they all have worked well, but this is just something I've been meaning to do for a year but with the infection last year, I gotta little side tracked. We hope to gain some knowledge and leave with ideas how to better manage his ADHD at home and to also use it to his advantage. He gets bored unless he's taking things apart or building something. So far he's limited himself to toys but I can only imagine as he outgrows toys, what he'll be wanting to take apart...so we need ideas to keep the little guy stimulated and not lose his creativity. The group I'm taking him to specialize in special needs/gifted/learning disabilities/behavior/ADHD, etc. and will surely keep us on the right track. My husband and I have to go first since he's under the age of 10 but after that initial meeting, they will see Gage.....more on that later.


leah said...

I can see Gage moving on from Legos to building model planes and rockets, to rebuilding vintage cars in the garage as a teenager. That kid is bright- what a great idea to take him to a center that can bring out the best of his giftedness/ADHD/Deafness.

rouchi said...

Its grt that he is motivated to make his creations.I am sure he is going to do wonders with this nature.Its really surprising how these little girls come out with their toys not hearing. Last few days Prisha too has her baby Samaira, who seems to be wearing hearing aids.Its fun to see their imagination.