Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This day in July

If you look closely, you'll see that "baby Emma" has chosen her bilateral Cochlear processors today. Sometimes she wears ci's from other companies such as Lego (surely you knew Legos had a hearing aid line out now! lol) or even Sharpie has been known to lend their ink to some pretty amazing designs as well.

What to do on a rainy about you throw on a swim suit and some rubber boots and push trucks thru the field, or just throw on a coat in 90 degree heat and ride bikes.....

I will give you this piece of advice....don't let you kids watch COPS the tv show....EVER! Whew, talk about a language opportunity. If you want to add some colorful vocabulary then go right ahead...luckily we escaped all the explanations for today, but I did find the kids doing this......Gage said she stole something.

Today we went to AEI's (Alabama Ear Institute) Summer Institute. Which is when they do therapy and borrow the kids for the sessions so that up and coming AVTs can get some real therapy time in before their certification. We had a good day and will do a full report on the Bama Ears blog in August on that.

And just to throw this in, Gage found a solution yesterday to his hat/coil issue he was having. He just put the coil on the outside of the hat.
And also got Gage's approval for his skin lesion surgery for his right cheeck to have that place removed off of his face. Yea! Don't have a date yet for that but hopefully will soon.


Tiffany C. said...

Brayden figured out the coil on the outside of the hat too. He told me it does't hurt when it's on the outside. Only the right ear though. His cousin thought it was really cool that he thought of doing that and that he could actually still hear with it on top of the hat. Kids...what will they come up with next? Atleast Bray is back to wearing his hats...but this time only backwards.

susannah said...

love the ci's on her doll!!!

Danielle said...

There too cute!!! That show COPS is awful. I dont like that show at all. Glad the kids are doing good.


Charlotte said...

Congrats to the kids on being the front cover of the Drum!! I got it yesterday and said hey i recongise those kids!! It's awesome picture.


leah said...

OK- I want a picture of the Lego coil, lol!

I can only imagine the language the kids are picking up from COPS. Egads! Though I'm sure Gage just bleeps out the words in his mind, lol!

Melanie said...

Your kids are so creative. Love it.