Tuesday, July 21, 2009


First, Gage was being mean to her the other day after she didn't obey her orders he'd given her and I heard him say "you sound weird without your implants, you say Gay instead of Gage, you talk louder, and your voice is just different." Ugh!
Siblings!! So she attempted today to get him back by faking her deafness. Yeah, you heard me, faking. She walked into his room, after carefully pulling her hair all around her ears, and began to over exaggerate her facials, talk a little different, but she didn't fool him for a second! He says "I know you can hear me." Anyway, tomorrow, so excited to visit the AEI Summer Institute AVT therapy session. You'll get the full report on Bama Ears later on.
Tonight, I wanted to demonstrate to my husband that Brook could still hear very faintly out of one ear, yet not the other...post ci surgeries. I lean down and yell in her ear, "Brook" and she laughs and says "Boo". I do the other ear and nothing. Gage had to have his turn and I started to tell him "you don't even have ear canals" but when I saw the look on his face, I did the same for him. He had no clue. **smile** Anyway, this was happening as Brook was getting ready for bed, she says to me, "I want you Mama," which is her usual, last verbals for the night. I pick the beautiful, and HEAVY child up, to get my good night kisses and carry her to her bed (no matter how frail and broken my back may be in a few years) and she leans in.....(I'm gleaming with the love I'm about to receive) and it happens.....
she creams in my ear "Boo" right down into the canal, and I'm fighting my tears back...(oh yea, it was painful) and I loving place her in the bed. After all, I deserve it, and she has no idea that it's harmful to those who can actually still hear. I got what I deserved. OUCH!


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

posting this one to my FB. andrew does the same thing- yelling in the ear. he just internally doesn't get that it doesn't sound the same. the other day at camp he was yelling into a kid's year w/ a megaphone. i believe that was stopped....but he kept asking them to yell in his implant w/ it LOL! they'd pput it to his year and he'd say..'no..up here.'

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totallyirish89 said...

Awww. I love when kids do that. I did the same thing to my mom as a kid but I didn't realize that my voice was louder when my CI was off. I learned that it was louder as I got older.. but I make a conscious effort mentally to lower my voice.