Friday, July 24, 2009

For Your Entertainment

Just in case you're wondering, this is how you clean a a junk angel! Very similar to a snow angel only you do it in the bedroom on horribly stained carpet. Works wonders and saves you from punishment!

As usual, the Blakely adults were treated to a performance this afternoon from the Blakely juvies. We heard B-I-N-G-O and we also heard the original song "The Rat and Harry". Sorry, I ran out of batteries so I had to snap photos from my cell (I sooooo wanted video, lol).

Gage decided that Brook's homemade maracas were not good enough so
big brother wanted to build her a drum. Yes, we've owned a real drum before but here at the Blakely's everything is just better made by hand. When she tried it out, he knew it needed some modification, so he added some more "plates" or tums, whatever you want to call it. My kids have turned into quite the musicians, to be cochlear implant recipients.

I asked Gage "Have you ever talked about making your own instruments before in school?" Because he did this on his own, no advice, not one bit of help! I was curious because he knew to elevate the sound boards so that it would make a sound rather than just banging on objects (I would have just taken some sheets of paper and pretended they made sound probably). So I had to ask...he looks up very confused at such an inquiry and says "Which school, medical school?"

Oh, and on a side note, not only do we charge baby Emma's ci batteries, we also have to put them in the dry n store (all out of various objects of similar size and shape) about some imaginations...but we're NEVER bored.


Charlotte said...

Hi Val, do you realise you have just typed "GAGE decided that HER homemade maracas were not good enough"

Great kids anyway..

Gage is so creative and clever with his hands...

Brooke is just fantastic.

Val said...

yes, they were her's. he decided her maracas were not good enough so he made her a drum, lol

Leah said...

I love the "which school, medical school?" comment. I can easily see Gage in medical school some day- that kid is bright! They are very creative- gotta love the junk angel, ROFL!

tammy said...

I'm telling ya, the boy's going to be a musician one day! Love it!

Danielle said...

too cute.