Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today Brook got de-coiled (if that makes sense) in a grocery store parking lot, rough-housing with a friend of ours. The kids stayed in the car with their daddy while I ran in the store to pick up a couple of items. When I came out, Gage was being held in the air side-ways and I could see our friend Daniel who had pulled up near our car. He's moving to our small town soon and we just happen to run into him today. As I put my items in the trunk Brook, in a very shakey-almost crying voice, says "Mama, Daniel punched me." ( I refer to that as being dramatic, my princess doesn't lie!) She only said that 'cause he was just playing around with her and her cochlear implant fell off and the coil became detached (can be easily reattached) and she thought it was broken. Daniel, also afraid it was broken claims, "uh, I don't know how that happened" (it was definitely his fault, lol).
We were in town today to visit our good friends Kate, Jonathan, Walker (on the far left) and his new little sister Amelia. We were so glad to finally meet her. You see Brook couldn't keep her hands off of her! Me either! My mind was racing of ways to sneak her home with us....would she fit in purse? she was too big for my pocket...could we pretend she was one of Brook's dolls and maybe they'd never know? Uh no! Big brother Walker was keeping his eyes on her. And when the thought of her waking me up twice in the night for a bottle entered my brain, I decided we'd leave her for now. Actually I'm not the one they need to watch, it's Brook! Love those little "G"s! Can't wait to see them again.


Leah said...

Awww... cute baby! No wonder Brook couldn't let go of her.

Is Brook's CI OK? I get nervous with hearing aids, and they don't cost nearly what a CI processor/coil costs!!

Charlotte said...

Aww Bless Brook. I had silly boys flicking the coil off my head resulting my CI falling off onto tarmac. The processor is tougher than I thought. They still works fine after few falls!!. But I wouldn't want it fall off my ear so if i see those boys the ci goes in my pocket!