Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Dark Cloud

Sometimes, this scene from my back door yesterday, is similar to how we parents feel this time of year with all the IEP a dark cloud just lurks over our shoulders. Luckily, for me, after doing this for several years and having such fantastic cooperation from our school system, preparing the school for our upcoming year, is easy. In fact, I went into Brook's IEP and was more concerned about my dental appointment later that afternoon than I was her meeting, I knew without hesitation that I'd leave that meeting happy that her needs would be met. Really the only thing I had them change from a tentative IEP that had already been prepared (we usually talk beforehand about what I'm looking for at the meeting and my concerns) was the fact that I didn't feel she needed a pull-out everyday. At this point she doesn't need breaks like Gage does so we just deleted that and I left happy just as I did with Gage's IEP. His IEP may change depending on how he progresses over the summer with his listening skills. We did throw in a listening goal to let them help in that area as well.

Here they are yesterday jammin' out to the electronic drum set Gage asked for from Santa, unfortunately his ci was removed a few days later and he's just now getting to enjoy that again. Oh, and I found out at my dentist appt. that I will need my two top molars removed. I'm such a nervous wreck, I can only imagine how my kids feel/felt just before an upcoming surgery. But I will say that the more people tell me it's not a huge deal, the less of a baby I'm becoming.

Also, you won't see it advertised on Deaf Village but there is a new story up on Bama Ears! (uncaptioned videos included) so go read about one of the cutest little girls EVER!!

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raizy said...

hi Val
sorry bout contacting u here- I lost ur email- I doubt u remember me Raizy- I'll never for get you- you were the one that helped me with my thesis a while back....
I was wondering now if u by any chance would know of a nice song about every child's potential to grow... despite their " disabilities" . I'm working on a slide show for parents of special ed children and want something nice playing in the background- thought you would be the right person to contact.
my email is