Friday, May 15, 2009

Organized Chaos

Oh the memories from Field Day! At Gage's school it's all for fun, the kids race in different events and it doesn't really matter who comes in first. They just have fun. Here you see the teacher had asked who wants to run this event, Gage and several others raised their hands, and apparently Mr. Gage forgot to drop his hand! Luckily his buddy there helped him out and put it down for him.

We left right before the water events where the kids get soaked. I would have let Gage stay, he would have likely removed his processors but he decided he was hot and wanted to come home with me to swim. He didn't seem near as lost as he was last year with only one ci. I could tell though he relied on whoever was closest to him to give him directions. Even I had trouble hearing in all that noise. I'm not sure who will sleep better tonight, the kids or the teachers.


Anonymous said...

yay for field day! glad gage was able to participate! I can see how small he really is- even next to the girls!

leah said...

I remember field day at school- it was always so much fun! It's great for kids to get out from behind their desks and run like crazy!

Kristi said...

Field days are the best days of the entire school year! Looks like Gage had a lot of fun :)
I love the first photo because it really shows how dependent that we (deaf people) are on our friends whenever we miss something.

tammy said...

Oh I LOVE field day! I always had so much fun with my 6th & 4th graders. It's amazing how everyone becomes a "child" again during events like these. I'm missing it this year (as a teacher), but will be able to attend as a parent instead! Glad you all had a blast!