Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Just haven't had time to update (that's an excuse). The fact is, not much going on, we are spending time in our vegetable garden. Here you'll see Brook hoeing (I've got it made!) although I did finish the entire garden when she figured out it wasn't as fun as it looked. She's such a good "mama" narrating the daily activities for Mary JanG and Emma. Emma is starting to talk more and more these days but Brook's concerned she's getting her m's and n's mixed up. Could be a mapping issue so when we go to audiology on Friday we'll see if they can fix that (you know I'll get a picture of that if it happens! lol) Today was movie day at school and I told Gage that it wouldn't have captions since it wasn't a video they would be tested on, it was just for fun, but he wanted to go like everyone else and sit near the front, taking his chances on hearing and following along with the film. There were several grades watching all at once but I told the teacher he had to sit near the tv and he could be excused if he lost interest. He says he couldn't really understand much of it but he watched it just the same. Just a few more days of school! I'm going in the morning to turn in my papers for substitute teaching next year now that I have all of my letters of recommendation. Thank you to those teachers who did this for me, they were very nice and you didn't have to be so kind (but glad you did!)


leah said...

You have to post pictures of Brook's babies getting a mapping (if it happens), lol!

We should plant a vegetable garden.. the deer would eat everything, though!

Loudest Mom said...

I wish we had a spot for a vegetable garden....We too have a ton of deer, and the blackberry bushes tend to take over everything. Love the pictures and the update! Best of luck with sub'ing. I'll be thinking of you as I start student teaching at some point :)

tammy said...

She is too cute! By teaching her babies, she's her own best therapist!