Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a nice weekend, kind of relaxing after a busy week last week and yet another ever busier week planned for next week. Brook spent the night with my mom (aka Nanny) and the remaining three of us sat out last night with a small fire in the outside fireplace. Gage enjoyed just chatting but I secretly had listening skills on my mind. I noticed how dark it was, and how he sort of turned his listening on...meaning he had to listen not being able to see us very well, so I was sharpening up his skills as we chatted.

We just drove over to cousin Ethan's house to visit him and his new German Shepard puppy. We took "Old Yeller" (our farm truck) and it was kinda first. The old truck has a bench seat and it does have functioning seat belts for us all to wear (or we wouldn't take it on the road) but we all sit side by side. Like I say, it was fine at first. Gage was petting his sister's hair, and for a brief moment, I almost thought..."how sweet, they love each other." But then again, it was all just for show because about a second later, he knocked her coil off of her head.......ON PURPOSE which started the coil battle all the way. Luckily everyone survived the twenty five minute drive thru the country and we had a nice little visit.
Oh, by the way Aunt Christie, Gage wants to know when he can spend the night! I told him to ask YOU!! lol.

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leah said...

Gotta love siblings- you think they're being nice and then you realize they're up to something else! Haha. The campfire is a great idea for listening skills- lots of fun to boot!