Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.....and that's just today

So today was the day I've been dreading for two weeks now........the dentist! Not for me but these two. Gage was not an issue and never is. As long as he has someone who will listen to him talk about himself and his trucks and whatever he so desires, he's good. (We'll work on the words self centered and selfish when I get a minute to do so!) It's Brook that's the problem. Usually the dentist and her army come out with full face shields (no joke!!) and sometimes have to use the metal bite plates or whatever they are called so they pull out the same number of fingers they poke into her small mouth.
I first was a little unnerved by the fact that when we get there, the dentist had sold the practice and it was now a new dentist. This unfortunately means that he doesn't know anything about my kids, Gage's syndrome which causes major dental problems, etc. But I must say everything fell into place. The hygienist's daughter has a friend who wears cochlear implants and she said she spends the night with them sometimes so she knew what they were and what they were for....great! Gage goes in and finds his usual hygienist and I don't see him til they finished. Brook gets the lady who's familiar w/the ci's and we were actually able to convince B to get one type of x-ray, Brook's never had any teeth x-rays . We got the top row of teeth cleaned w/out incident. Then came the spitting. After she'd tasted the strawberry formula of cleaner she began spitting and I had to then hold her down. I began sweating.....three hygienists later, we all managed to get the bottom ones cleaned and that's all we did with her today. The dentist walks over and introduces himself as I begin to wonder if I still had the bottle of Teen Spirit in my console (yes, I did!!) He tells me that Gage did great and that he is quite a businessman. I roll my eyes because there is no telling what this man is about to tell me my child has been talking about. Apparently Gage has a truck he wanted to sell the guy for $200.00 . I try not to burst out laughing but I look at Gage smiling and say "What truck are you selling Buddy?" He tells me about his old yard dump truck (Tonka) that he's painted black and with a very serious expression he tells me, "Yep, 200 dollars, it's made of steel." The dentist declined, it was apparent Gage was NOT coming off that price, so we scoot out of there for our next appointment, listening therapy.
What a treat we had today. Walked into the HEAR Center and first I met the most handsome guy ever. I did notice he was drinking, but you couldn't help but love his little orange man shirt and tiny hearing aids covered with a white pilot cap. Lucas, I hope you finished that bottle before your mom got on the road.
Then out walked someone I usually just see on Facebook with her two kiddos. The one with the ci's wasn't feeling too hot (actually she was, she had a fever and an earache)and we hope she feels better soon.
We did our listening exercises and out the door they flew, hoping they'd behaved well enough for a milkshake. We then see another Facebook friend and her little boy. We hope to see them all at the zoo in two weeks when all those little kids with hearing loss gather for the annual zoo party. What a treat, seeing all of those guys made my day...
Whew, and that was just today!

We visit the ci surgeon tomorrow and hope to get good news from him, and Gage should be able to return to school the next day! Cross your fingers! That's after we go register Brook for Kindergarten!


Danielle said...

You know I tell you Im not a fan of the dentist either and till this day and at age 23 i still jump in the chair. Idk why i guess its bc i dont like any1 close to my face bc of my nose and ear issue... but i totally know how brooke feels deafinitely. This sure was one busy day for you. I had a busy day myself. I hope tomomrow goes well for him and go back to school.

Shanna aka Eli n Lucas's mommy said...

How sweet of you to mention Lucas! He did get the bottle down just in time for MK to bring him back for therapy. I realized I didn't even introduce myself afterward...I tend to be a bit of a dork in social situations - lol! I'm Shanna - Lucas's mom. See you guys at the zoo!

Loudest Mom said...

I'm tired and it wasn't even my day! Glad everyone survived the dentist, especially you :)

Love the salesman- sounds like a bargain to me.

leah said...

Talk about a busy day! Gage just cracks me up. That kid is going to be a CEO or something big someday. And kindergarten!! Say it ain't so... I guess they do have to grow up sometime, though.

It sounds like the dentist appointment went OK, with everyone keeping all their fingers. Maybe it will go easier in another six months (there's always hope)!

tammy said...

Just catching up on Gage & Brooke's nonstop world of excitement! So glad that Gage is doing so well with his bilateral ears and he's heading back to school!

Melanie said...

I'm tired just reading your posts, Val.