Thursday, April 16, 2009

Learning to Hear........Again!

He began our "listening boot camp" so to speak, today. He did really good, already doing three and four elements w/his week and a half of re-hearing (I doubt that's proper English). We have our homework to do before attending AVT (auditory verbal therapy) again next week. He'll likely be released after a few weeks if he continues to do well and we'll continue our efforts at home. I actually did learn that he did follow directions much better today w/the therapist than he does at I'm gonna have to be a little firmer at home 'cause I know he can do it, he's just forgot how to listen and w/a few months of silence he just needs to brush up his skills. And I will say that ADHD does factor in as well!
He's off the antibiotic in just a few days so we'll see how that goes, and hopefully he can start school after we see our surgeon next Wed.!!


Loudest Mom said...

You are both amazing! What a great, determined, motivating mom you are :)

Ann said...

Val, really is a good teacher. Without good Loving parents and other family members I don't see how Kids with disabilities ever make it.
Love Ya'll Nanny

Laurie said...

AVT is a must for every cochlear implant patient! I didn't think I needed it but spent a year in AVT learning to hear with my implants. And still practice on my own. What wonderful progress you are making already!

Naomi said...

way to go Gage and of course his Mom, you sooo rock Val (yep my English isn't that great either : - )