Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Don't Believe My Ears!!-book for Charity

Finally, after I've delayed everyone long enough...the time has arrived to release the charity book we started working on in Fall. Rachel did a terrific job at designing this book and I think you'll enjoy all the cute little stories in it. Authors include some of our blogger favorties like
Leah-from Say What?
Abbie-from Chronicles of a Bionic Woman
Jodi-author of Rally Caps
Kim-from Can You Hear Me?
Melissa-from Our Journey to the hearing world
Kim L-from ASLCI
Amy and Melissa-from Auditory Verbal Parents

click here to visit the bookstore and view the book !!!

And what about the charity??? We chose DRF-Dedicated to Healthy Hearing

"Deafness Research Foundation (DRF) works to fund research to help those living with hearing loss and balance disorders, and on programs to raise awareness of potential causes to protect those at risk."

Hope you enjoy!! Now I have to run purchase my copy!!! All proceeds go to charity.


Danielle said...

hey im part of DRF. thats great you did this... I was wondering where I can buy the book? its not on DRFS website.

VBnBama said...

hey Dani, you should ask them that, seriously..they just found out about it like two days ago and are seeing it for the first time as well. But you should click over there on the contact us button on their site and tell them you want to see it on their site.

Loudest Mom said...

So AWESOME! (Yes, the word totally dates me :)

Hope all is well w/ Gage :)