Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby CI

We went for our post op check up with the genius....I mean ci surgeon (he was sent to us for a reason!) Gage and Brook were standing there looking thru the fish tank that separated the waiting room and the nurses' station where the patients go back to see the doctor. Gage caught a glimpse of his favorite doctor in the whole wide world-keep in mind he's had several doctors throughout his life in regards to his syndrome. Gage runs over to the door that you are to WAIT to be called on to enter, bolts thru and yells "Doctor W, Doctor W, Hey!!!" and he waves like he hasn't seen him in years. This is the man that just operated on him too, but they have a great relationship and Gage once said he loved him as much as Jesus and Santa Claus. They all got a chuckle out of it and we may be going back at the end of the summer to have Gage's skin tag removed from his jaw line. He's already been teased about it by a pack of kindergartners and he wants it removed. Anyway that went well and the good doctor was kind enough to check out Brook's baby Emma, who was to receive her ci later that day. When returned home, the ci from Cochlear was there and to my knowledge she didn't even require surgery...amazing!

As you can see, mapping went well too for her, and Brook came home and adjusted baby Emma's ci also!


Vivie said...

LOL Brook is adorable!!

Lil Sofia wants a fake one too..been bugging me abt that for ages!

She steals my CI and tries to wear it , haha funny..I'll shoot a clip of her trying to wear it..

Anonymous said...

such sweet kiddos!

Anonymous said...

LOL! So Adorable! Glad to hear that Gage is doing good! you've got the cutest kiddos Val!

leah said...

If Brook doesn't become an AVT or audiologist, I don't know what she'll do, haha. She really has it down pat!

I'm so glad Gage is doing well. I'm sure he's counting down to activation day!