Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's 5

No surprise there, she's been five for over a month now, but we finally got around to her five year old check up. Yes, this included shots. Gage's surgery was originally scheduled for this day and since he was going to earn Legos for his trip to the doctor, B was also going to earn her very own Pink Legos!! I already had talked my mother into taking her (I know she's glad she didn't have to!) But since Gage's surgery was rescheduled til March (I'll update that tomorrow after the ci surgeon visit) his have been removed from my house and await the big day. He has too many dr's visits to earn prizes for each one. I wouldn't have bought B any if they hadn't been scheduled for the same day at first, if she'd known he got Legos for his trip and she went thru two shots and earned nothing, we'd had major problems. My big girl is 51 lbs, and her big brother is 46 lbs. His syndrome makes it hard for him to gain, this is a major factor in not medicating his ADHD(all the meds stunts growth)...and we're hanging on by threads here. He's still irritated, aggressive, but we're making it.


leahlefler said...

I didn't know they even made pink legos! Sounds like she made it through the doc appointment just fine, and it was nice that mommy was able to be there. I guess she's getting ready for kindergarten next year!

Anonymous said...

nice pink legos! lucky girl!
by the way Val, being that I am a SPED therapist I cringed when I saw the way Brooke was sitting. its what we call W sitting and is a sign of low tone. At 5 (even before) it should feel uncomftorable for her to sit in that position you can help her by having her sit in diff. position e.g. kneeling , pretzel, long sitting.....