Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm So AC/DC

Today was Gage's visit to the ci surgeon, our surgery date is now March 23. We do not have to go back until the day of surgery unless something happens and he gets sick. We are crossing our fingers that the surgeon, who is willing to tough out the loooooong surgery and combine the two complicated ears, will manage to get both implanted but if not, we'll just reschedule the reimplant for a later date, that would be to replace the one just removed. The other ear will be tackled first. Last time he received a ci, it took around five hours. We'll see, the doctor feels like the first ear will take more like four hours and then the reimplant less than that. But it all will have to wait and just see how things go on the 23rd of March.
On the way home, AC/DC came on the radio. Now, I've quit telling him when they come on or when Beyonce or Leona Lewis is on, his seems like rubbing it in his face....I'm hearing them and you're I quit. But today, he was watching me. He knew that it was a good song and I felt his blue eyes peering at me. He's been moved to the front seat while he can't hear due to the dangerous driving conditions of trying to communicate w/him in the rear seat. He saw me turn up the volume, and I felt his curiosity. So I looked at him, smiled, and noted "It's ACDC." He smiled and said "is it Back in Black?" I responded with "no it's You Shook Me". And I sang every word. And probably for the first time EVER, he let me. He smiled at me, not sure if he was smiling 'cause I actually felt like the next American Idol or if he was amazed and proud I knew every word...? But he did enjoy it. I told him that in a few short weeks, he could hopefully hear them again. He said, "I already hear them in my head. I remember." so I asked, "do you remember what I sound like?" He said he did, and he remembers Brook's voice, Daddy's voice, and PawPaw's voice. His speech still sounds very close to his normal, he's much louder and is having problems w/his volume control, but other than that, he sounds the same. Okay, I must go for now, I may need to practice up on some Leona and Beyonce..."If I Were a Boy...." just in case I get to sing again!


Anonymous said...

It sounds good news!!! He will hear in his both ears!

It is amazing that he can be reimplanted with permission by doctor.

I believe that it is easy to reach :).

Anonymous said...

oh wow! March 23 your almost there - stuff your guy up with vitamins and pray that he remains strong & healthy! we'll keep him in our prayers!! good luck

Celeste said...

Great story! :)

And congratulations (and good luck) on the surgery!

Danielle said...

great to hear!!! Im so glad he can be reimplanted again!! he deserves to hear. Soon the wait will be over!!! keep in touch.


Naomi said...

oh so cool, you rock mom!! How neat that he could enjoy it all by lipreading you - how neat you got to sing without what I usually get "MUM! can you please NOT sing!" - though I know you are looking forward to hearing that again : - )

Naomi - home of the masterblasters from Down Under AC/DC!!

leahlefler said...

Gage's ability to lipread still blows me away- that kid is pretty amazing! I'm sure all of you are looking forward to activation day- again!

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

*smile* YOU r the coolest ever!

Loudest Mom said...

That's my favorite song to sing when I feel like annoying the heck out of the kids (If I were a boy....). I am a terrible singer, but I love to do it (in the car mainly).

I hope the next month or so goes by quickly! And, you'll have our fingers and toes crossed for TWO implants :)