Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Meter Reader

And just after my "Biggest Fear" post....
Today while the TOD (teacher of the deaf) was here seeing Gage, Brook wanted to go out on the front porch to pet the cat. I tell her, "Yea, yea, that's fine" as I was finishing up something on the computer. Less than a minute had passed and I hear a vehicle in the drive way. I go to the front porch in time to witness the meter reader leaving his truck to get our meter count. I do not see Brook. Having witnessed him get out of his truck, and knowing it had only been about 30 seconds since she walked outside, I know she's right here close. I proceeded to call her name....nothing. He asked if I was calling a kid and responded with "yes, my little girl just walked out here." He turned his head to look around and then read my meter. Neither of us spotted her, but I assured him, she's probably walked in the other door by now. I go back into the house and he leaves. I do not see her or hear her so I proceeded to the back door assuming she's on the patio. When I get to the back door, the man has completely pulled out of the driveway, and the cutest little blond haired girl pops out of the dog house. I laughed immediately knowing why she was in there. Her concerned glances thru the driveway confirmed my suspicion. "Who was that?" she asked.
I said "Who did you see?" She claimed to have seen no one but heard someone pull up in the driveway. She also said she heard someone go "whoo, whoo, whoo" which was not the case, she may have heard me saying her name from afar and only picked up on the "oo" part of Brook...or she could have received some sort of interference thru her microlink FM receiver she had still in one of her processors from school today. Times like these, I'm glad she's terrified of strangers!


Anonymous said...

oh goodness< you scared the whitts out of me! glad it had a happy ending!!!

leah said...

I would have been in a panic! Thank goodness she does have a fear of strangers, but that must have given you a few gray hairs!