Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You Second Graders

Gage loved his new cards you all made for him! He took them each, one by one, hanging on every word as he read them, picturing your little faces as he eyes fell on your names. It makes him feel really good that you guys have not forgotten him. He said he would send you all an email after his surgery is over for Mrs. J to read to you. I want all fingers crossed for him on March 23. We want a safe surgery most of all! Maybe he'll have his new black processors to show off to you guys when he comes back. Thanks again 2nd Grade!!


David said...

I may have missed this - Is gage receiving Homebound schooling while he is out of school?


Val said...

Yes, Gage has been on homebound since Dec. He will likely continue homebound until the first of May (at least). If everything goes well during surgery in March, he'll be activated mid April. I'm guessing he may or may not be able to go the last couple of weeks of school. Report cards come out next week, so we'll see how this worked out the last 6 wks...?

Anonymous said...

very sweet!!!