Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the cars that go BOOM !!

Just as LiLi's Mom suggested we had our subwoofers booming all the way to the Ci surgeon this morning. We explained our updated case to him, though he already knew why we were there...the end result?....Removal. At this point we don't know what else to do. It still hurts, it still turns red from time to time and itches like crazy, he prefers to not wear his processor due to all of this (which is so NOT him)! We have it scheduled for Dec 29. So 13 days til silence. Right now he has a choice of silence or sound which is really a choice of pain or comfort, he just tried wearing his processor but was forced to remove it in under an hour. This is the longest he's worn it in a while, and he only did it to try and "prove" he's fine. But he's not, he doesn't want to remove his ci, but at this point it's not doing him much good. I will update later on this but right now I am looking forward to this actually, I want him back to normal. He's not really been able to play as much (like an ADHD kid-running, jumping, etc). I want him to run, play, ride fourwheelers, have fun again...without pain. We'll get him all healed up, and he can't wait til he gets a new one (maybe two, still working on the bilateral thing!).
And on this trip, I was very pleased that my unselfish daughter (well, sometimes) didn't want to listen to the lyrics when her big brother couldn't, so she removed her processors and with all four of their little hands pressed against the windows, seats or ceiling...they boomed all the way to town. So if you see a thirty something year old lady, throwing up her "rap hands" with a deep thunderous boom next to you at the red light, don't give her dirty look! She may have two little deaf munchkins in the back, feeling the music.


Loudest Mom said...

I hope the time goes quickly! We like the cars, the cars that go boom....I'll have that stuck in my head now :)

Tiffani Hill-Patterson said...

And the beat goes boom, boom, boom,
Boom boom boom.

I hate that the meds didn't work as well as you wanted. But y'all seem OK with the plan, so I will be praying that he heals quickly and gets that CI back with no problems!

Keep rockin!

kim said...

I'm so sad to hear he's having it removed. I know how much he likes it. You're all in my thoughts and prayers.

leahlefler said...

I hope he has a fast recovery and that blasted infection is GONE once the CI is out. I had a school-provided tutor when I was a child (kidney issues) and the one-on-one instruction was amazing.

Here's to a fast timeframe for getting the bilateral implant or a replacement of the first implant (whichever comes first).

Bright Family said...

It is a bummer to hear about Gage's ear. Hopefully once it's out, he'll be healed up in no time and be reimplanted with two ears!

How lucky he is to have such a strong and honest mom and a sweet little sister! Hope all goes as planned!

We'll be thinking of you!

Christian's Mommy said...

Val, I'm so sad for you all, but I know if there is any Momma that can figure out a way to make it all "work", it's you.


Nicole said...

Poor Guy!! Hopefully his time without it will pass quickly and when he gets it back it will come two-fold.