Monday, December 15, 2008

A visit back to school

How incredibly cute these get well cards are! I wish I could put each one up individually so everyone could read them. One says "I can't handle it without you here, get well" and one says "I drew you a dog and a pickle and me" and one says "I know how much pain you are in" and yet another says "get well soon, I hope you are better from the horrible IV you had stuck in you"......I just love them. They all drew beautiful pictures and Gage treasures each one. He had the biggest smile while reading them all! He's not however smiling about the stack of make-up work he's having to do. We came straight home and he's working on them now. He's still not wearing his processor for more ten minutes a day. Here's how he's wearing the ear, thanks to the clip from Cochlear and extra long coil cord.

We go back in the morning to the surgeon and see what he wants to do....if anything. Right now it hurts for the water to run on that area when I wash his I'm guessing at this point, removal may be our best be continued.


leahlefler said...

Those get well letters are SO sweet! Goodness gracious, that infection is tenacious (there's a vocab word for ya). Gage is in my thoughts and prayers as everything gets sorted out.

Christian's Mommy said...

I just am now catching up on your blog after a week of having the plague in my house. I'm so sorry you all are going through this. Gage is a trooper, and is in my prayers!

Laura's medical journey said...

aww he is popular eh?/ :) hope hes feeling better soon!