Friday, November 21, 2008

My Child

My child...who has one bracelet on because he likes it (red), one on because I like it (orange medical bracelet) two because the Dr likes them (child alert-for being a ci patient, regular office visit bracelet)...amazes me. He went to the doctor yesterday, expecting to be admitted since his ear pain and swelling is coming back for the fourth month in a row. The antibiotics may or may not have been the answer and in fact he has this mysterious pain on his CI that keeps coming back and we were told if the last oral antibiotics didn't work, we may be admitted for the IV type. So we packed our belongings and drove the hour and a half, got there early and waited a long time. I watched my child (with ADHD) fidget, talk, fidget, play in the floor, push his trucks, slide around, talk some more...but he was really well behaved. We were at the ENT's waiting area when I found myself mentally drifting in and out of Gage's lengthy descriptions of what exactly he wants from Santa. "I want the row bars to be black, no wait, yea black, with two lights not four, and the leaf springs, and the lift kit..." on and on and I looked up at this child who was not showing how nervous he really was and just smiled at him. I realized how much I actually enjoy hearing about all the trucks, truck parts, and I continued to smile as the details this child was giving me, I couldn't describe if I had to! The door popped open as someone was leaving and when the full waiting area realized it was not their turn, all heads went straight back to Gage. I nearly started crying right there because this child had everyone (especially the men) very interested in his Santa list, I didn't even realize they were listening.
Then my child needs a CT scan, he hasn't had one in years and was always sedated for them. But he was desperate to NOT be admitted so he climbed up on the table...didn't move a muscle except his eyes which were moving very fast, all over the place but apparently that was okay. With ADHD I'm sure it took every muscle in his body to hold him down! No abscess was found so far and right now it's just a wait and watch with this, hopefully it won't get really bad again, and it remains a mystery. He's doing well and right now we're good.
I have much more to post about this visit but want to wait til I get more clarification and do some more talking with family and my team of professionals before I post more on the subject. Could be something exciting!


Laura's medical journey said...

i hope you get to the bottom of this mysterious pain!! Although it doesnt seem to bother your child as much as we think it does. Kids are amazing people whenit comes to hospital stuff! Hes keeping his thoughts on christmas!! :D

leahlefler said...

Middle ear/mastoid infections are quite worrisome with the CI! I certainly hope he knocks the infection and doesn't have to be admitted for IV antibiotics. Can he continue to wear his CI with the infection?

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

thanks so much for the update. i have been thinking/wondering. and i got a tear or two in my eye reading and understanding FULLY what you were feeling.