Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Little Signer

Caught Brook again, practicing her signing skills. She's learning the whole alphabet and you can see her signing along with the computer game.

As for last night, I need to give a big SHOUT OUT to my friends at U of Montevallo where I stopped in last night, gave them our whole story practically...and learned some things as well. I want to say hey to Arthur who loves that school so much, he just has decided to stay there a little longer! He was a hoot and is a CODA (a big grown up KODA) who is a Child Of Deaf Adults. He is in fact hearing, but is so smart...he thinks in ASL and then uses spoken English as his second language! He was a pleasure to meet and will be an asset to the Deaf Ed Program one day.


Danielle Hersh said...

I'm curious, are you going to have your kids grow up bi lingual. (Meaning both ASL and English) or not? I am asking since of your daughter practicing her signing.

Val said...

Gage has no interest in learning sign but Brook does...so the answer may be one of each...we'll see how far her interest carries her. I am not at all opposed to it.

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