Saturday, November 29, 2008

Giving me therapy

Number one, I thought I was doing well by spending every ounce of energy I had the first couple of years after my children received their cochlear implants, teaching them all about everything. Now, they seem to correct my slang, my word tenses, and thanks guys!(I say this because now Brook does it too! I used to get by with some grammer errors or lazily pronounced words, but not now) Number two, Gage has developed the ability to make us put our thinking caps on, asking questions like "I wonder what's in that red package under the tree? hmm, it has your name on it (referring to me, and don't think I already spotted it from the back door as soon as I walked in" He and his daddy went shopping today. He continues with "hmmm, think. What could it be? It starts with a P".....he's just dying to tell me but knows he'd better not! So he waits patiently for another 2.5 minutes until his feet are leaping him into the air with more details and he just can't hide the excitement. I know he's about to burst and he says "What words start with P?" I continue to fold laundry, trying to act very casual and I say "panda bear, oh yea, I'll bet it's a panda!!" and he grins and shakes his head no. "Think Mama, what else starts with P?" and I act as if I don't know. He says "hmmm, let me give you some p words.....Purse, pompass grass..." and I just burst out laughing, knowing I have a new purse in that box! He tries to play it off as if it's not really a purse, but I'll guarantee you, that's what I have. We'll find out in 26 days I suppose.


Naomi said...

ha that is so funny. I love the way he has to tell you without telling you - too funny.

I always muck about with my son now when he talks non stop and tell him that teaching him to talk seemed like such a good idea at the time at which point I get "oh shut up mum" hahahahahah

Loudest Mom said...

I love it....are you sure it's not some pompass grass??? My kids are the same way :)