Friday, November 28, 2008

those F words again

First, we found a doll's head (creepy) and Brook stuck in on some bamboo to warn off enemies. Then she found a fern.
Then we walked in the forrest and found a fox den (I think, at least that's what I told them).
Now one day there will come a day when I'll wish we hadn't worked so hard on those "F" words (teenage years). I may have to let her FLY to Italy, where my friend will be more than happy to teach her those F words. But for now we'll keep working on those F's (FIVE year old style). I can't believe she's almost FIVE!!!
And I can't believe how well she's doing on these Fs.........You're next /TH/ !


mishkazena said...

Stuck a doll's head on top of a bamboo shoot to warn off enemies?
Maybe she will become a great scriptwriter for a horror movie.

Seriously that picture is creepy. I like it.

Jodi Cutler Del Dottore said...

1. The doll's head was Really Freaky.
2. Show them Freaky Friday, the Film.
3. They are Freakin' adorable as ever...
4. Damn straight!
your italian f'word connection.

leahlefler said...

I'm going to have some nightmares from that head-on-a-stick thing!

Good luck with the /th/ sound- maybe you'll have to take a trip to the THeater to watch someTHing.