Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Annual Speech/Language Evaluation from the AVT !

Okay, so we packed up our snack boxes drove many miles yesterday after Brook got out of preschool and we had her full speech/language evaluation. We did it!! We completed it!! That in itself is an you know who long those things are? Takes a while since they perform several different tests to cover everything from ariculation to sentence structure and so on. Well, she did great and if you take an average of the scores she's right where she needs to be. If you look at each individual test it came out as articulation, great...a couple of age appropriate errors...receptive= average to low average w/a couple of dips below the norm. Those were areas I had not worked on at all basically and I knew MY WEAK SPOTS would shine thru and that's perfectly fine, at least I know what to work on. And expressive was above average which is opposite of what you typically see. Most people understand (the receptive) more than they can express. My kids have always shown opposite than that on these tests and that's due to the way these tests are laid out. Our AVT had no concerns w/it being anything more than just that. I asked her upfront if this proves that my kids talk too much and won't let other people get a word in edgewise and she agreed that could be it!!(she knows my kids well!!) So, I'll get my detailed report in a few weeks and I'll use that as my guidelines for this next year to prepare her for K. Her teachers and therapist seem to think she'll have no probs going into the mainstream setting so that's what we plan to do.


Danielle said...

great so glad shes doing well. To be honest after reading your book today.. your true inspriation to me i give 100% credit to you.. your a great mother.. and thinking back when i was young being the only kid with a hearing loss in my family.. it was rough and what your doing for your kids just really amazes me. I wish my mom knew all this stuff shes lucky she knows what an audiologist is till this day. I really give you alot of credit. Just wanted to let you know your a great mother.

Abbie said...

Absolutely awesome :) Brook is really progressing right along :)