Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Circle Time

Today we parents got to stay for "circle time" at preschool. Keep in mind Brook goes to a special ed preschool and there are plenty of kids there with various disabilities, some obvious, some invisible, some with simple speech delays. Can I just tell you how impressed I am! First, preschool is harder than I thought. Brook was the weather girl and had to describe the weather, they sang songs, they read their names and spelled them aloud. They talked about the months of the year/days of the week/said the pledge and the alphabet! Whew! But they all did fantastic. And why shouldn't they? These teachers don't let a little thing like Downs, or deafness, or autism, and so on...excuse these kids from learning. One little autistic boy got a little upset when he realized his mom was watching and after a few minutes he decided he really really wanted mom. But you know what? The teacher instructed his personal aid/teacher to get his ball and it was some type of sensory ball that she rolled around in the palm of his hand...and he was very content with that, very relaxed. I was just so thrilled to witness such pros in action.(I'm sure I would've let him run over to mom!) They knew exactly what to do. Goodness, no wonder school has gotten harder, look what all they learn in preschool!!!

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Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

jmo but going to mom would have been a fine solution too;)