Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update

First, took Brook to the park on Friday since our speech therapy was cancelled. I decided she deserved some time at the park, you see she takes tons of babies and pushes them, talks to them (it's hilarious). You see here in the photo that one child had to go to time out when we were leaving! Brook put it up on that post and said "you DO NOT climb on that swing!!!" I nearly died laughing! Then, while she had her little temper elevated, she decided to be naughty and say to me..." I don't want to leave, you old grandma!!" I'll let ya guess who went to time out then! And how did she know that wasn't very nice? I don't call people grandmas. Anyway...moving forward. We got report cards. Can you believe that Gage got all A's and only one B. He always has, no surprise there but now, they get actual grades for conduct instead of S(satisfactory) N(needs to improve) etc. So that means yes, and A (94) in CONDUCT!!!!! He got an 80 in math?? not sure what that's about. I have him doing four digits plus/minus two or more digits at I'll check into that.
And here he is reading a Spongebob book, he's seven now and in second grade. I'm glad I'm finding some books he's actually interested in. I even caught him laughing at this book one time so I know he's understanding it.

And to note his voice quality may be a little off, he's having major allery issues w/the lack of rain here in Bama.


The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

This child couldn't hear till he was how old??? This just amazes me!!!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

great job Gage! and have your mom go talk to the teacher about that math thinks you are bored. (Andrew has trouble w. 8+4 but can get 80+40 or 83+40...its called a challenge...he's bored.... guarantee it.)


Christian's Mommy said...

Seriously, I LOVE watching videos of him and watching his speech progress. Watching Gage, I see such a BRIGHT and AMAZING future for Christian. Please keep posting these, Val. I love showing them to my's like a glimpse into what's to come.

And, I LOVE HIS ACCENT! I wonder if Christian will ever pick-up the East Coast "Hon".