Monday, August 25, 2008

The /s/ Sound

Oh those dreaded "S's". Brook did have a tough time with that sound and sometimes she still forgets to use it. After not hearing it throughout infancy, it's a tough one for many kids/adults to get, even though they may hear it w/their cochlear implants. So today as just a "reminder" and to give her a little practice I asked her take some photos of things that start w/S. She came back with a spider and a stick, she wanted a snake but luckily there were none today. Then I gave her a silly tongue twister "Silly Susan sold stickers" and she did it well.
Then it began to rain, luckily her ci's are water resistent and she decided to Sing in the rain...and Splash and Stomp !

and yes, that's a purple dress under the pink one w/Gage's rubber boots...nice!


tammy said...

Yeah Brook on your "S's"! I give her credit for getting that close to that spider to take its picture ... gave me chills just seeing how big it is! EEWWW!

rouchi said...

pics are so beautiful."yes" for the new important sounds.