Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Okay so I visited around some of my favorite blogs yesterday and today, when I saw a really, really good one from Kim titled "Shel asked, What it was like?"'s about her losing her hearing, it's awesome to read how she explains to people who have always been d/Deaf how we hear compared to sounds thru hearing aids and she has the cutest picture of herself (taken just a few years ago!)
If you haven't read, please do. Then I stopped by Rachel's and saw "Scars from CI Surgeries" and I had to dig out my pictures of the kids. Now before Gage turned two he had a ci surgery and they couldn't locate his cochlea so they were not able to implant. This was our doctor's typical incision during 2003. Now w/Brook's last ci surgery (2007) when she became Miss Bilateral you see the incision from this same doctor had been revised and perfected to three inches, in just four years!!


Valerie said...

I sent my ci scar pic to Rachel. Mine looks nothing like everyones does. Mine is not even the s shape, just behind the ear from the top to the bottom. My guess each surgeon is different.

Abbie said...

Mine resembles Gage's picture, you see it here.