Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Caution Hearing Impaired Children

A few years ago when I had these signs put in front of my house after moving to the open country land in which we now live...I would have never dreamed I'd be typing what I'm about to. At the time I had just found out Brook was losing her hearing, already at a mod/severe level and Gage was recovering from cochlear implant surgery, hearing nothing...as we awaited his activation date. I called the sign man for the second time, explaining that I really needed those signs (I had asked the month before) because on our old country road, people aren't as cautious as they are in busy traffic. "Yes, ma'am....I understand" he said and within days they were up on my street. Oh people slowed down alright, to take a look...to stare...maybe they thought we looked abnormal or maybe they were just curious..? At that point in time, I was taking things day by day, no real long term plans for my kids, just hoping that if nothing else...they would learn to communicate well with the family and just do the best that they could in school. If I had fast forwarded to see this blog/journal I would have never believed that it was me writing!

Today we cleaned house...literally. The kids are growing up but our house is not so I needed them to downsize their toys so we could have room to breathe. As it turns out, now that Gage is a little man of 7 years...he don't even need a toy box anymore. (sniff, sniff) He's grown into big boy toys and they do not require a toy box...tools are in his tool box, his hot wheels in their case, video games w/the tv.
So we went the 20 min drive into town to the local Salvation Army to donate what we no longer need and I also needed to run a few errands. I asked the little man if he wanted to try to go into the post office alone. He agreed he could handle it so I told him "I need 30, one cent stamps." There was practically nobody in there and he went in alone, only to return w/a note and pen. "Right it down, I forgot"....I looked at him w/the confidence I sent him in there with and said "you can do it, I need 30 one cent stamps" and I gave him the pen and blank paper back. By this time five people walked in and he had to wait, and wait, and wait. After about four or five min...I admit I had already unbuckled my safety belt and told Brook to do the same, I figured he needed help. To my surprise, he bolted out the door, all smiles w/the stamps in hand! Woohoo, he's a big boy now! You just never know how things are gonna turn out. So here's your caution sign:
Caution, Hearing Impaired Children.........grow up fast! just like all kids do!


Sandra said...

How wonderful. I choked up a bit reading this story :-)

tammy said...

I remember the day of giving away the toy box with all the "little boys toys"(now wish I had it back for Aiden)! Now he has a shelf full of video games! They do grow up WAY to fast! Enjoy each moment!

Abbie said...

I was lucky that my father was the "man" in charge of signs. He had one of those signs put up for me. You just made me wonder if it is still up . If gas wasn't so expensive, I would go take a ride... It costs a lot more then 30 cents :)

Christian's Mommy said...

Love this post!

I have been working with the sign man for a while here in our county...I can't tell you how many doctors letters, notes, and other nonsense that I've had to send in.

brittney said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blogspot researching hearing impairment and cochlear implants, my daughter has severe hearing loss and wears hearing aides and will be having cochlear implant surgery soon. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story, I wonder everyday what it will be like for as she gets older and wonders out from under my wing:) your story has given me hope! Thanks again!