Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Hay Man"

So I didn't have time to blog yesterday, why?...Because at 830am I was out in the garden, watering what little has survived my husband's tilling this year and guess who pulls up?...the Hay Man...named Peanut. I have another "neighbor" named Cornbread.*grin* Anyway, lucky I had taken these shots the day before but at 830 am I didn't have my camera in hand as I thought I had only came outside to garden. Well, he came to collect all his hay he had cut and bailed the day before. He loaded them all up on his loooong trailer and he rolls the window down and asks if Gage wants to come help him (we know him well btw) Gage is busy saying "what? huh?", looking back and forth quickly between me and Peanut afraid he'll miss the important information exchange. While Bilateral Brook heard him clear and has already made her way up to his big truck. Then when Gage figures out he's about to miss something big, he's off in a sprint...which means I am too. Peanut being the kind man, can't leave Brook behind and says "Mom, you may have to go too, I can't handle them both and run the tractor" off we go a mile away to the chicken farm. The kids took turns riding in the big tractor picking up bails and loading them into his hay barn. It was very loud and a busy farm, glad I went. While he took his turn first, Gage talked non stop. Though I couldn't read his lips, I'm sure it had something to do with mud, trucks, tractors or tires. Brook had her turn and only waved, signed "I love you" and grinned her shyest grin. We all had fun and learned lots of new vocabulary yesterday. Then we went swimming w/some friends...big day but we all slept well. Oh did I mention Brook has a black eye? Somehow a pad lock flew from Gage's hand and nearly knocked her eye out....and they look so sweet....?


Loudest Mom said...

Great pictures (as usual) but I can't see the black eye (gotta get a picture of that :)

Sounds like a great day!

Val said...

Okay, added it to my row of pics down the rt side column!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

great fun. Hey/Hay is our favorite play on words around here. I won't soon forget the first time this exchange happened:
AJ: Hey mom
Mom: Hay is for horses.
AJ: Not HAY Mom!! HEY!

lOL- i think he was about 6 yo... and we don't study that sort of stuff. it just kind of happens.

txs for the word picture on bilaterals vs..??unilateral?? gonna pass along to the hubby.

Tiffani said...

I'm jealous of your home in the country. But Riley does know what hay is. Our subdivision backs up to a pasture, and the guy bales his hay every summer. Riley's fascinated by the tractor.