Saturday, April 27, 2013

Almost High School

I've made it through IEPs for next year without tears. I begged and pleaded with the faculty to fail my sixth grader so he doesn't have to go over to that high school building next year, but they refused! For the next three years, I will have children in two different school buildings, several miles apart which will be a challenge but we'll survive I'm confident.

Gman will have classroom notes provided to him since he relies heavily on speech reading. He did great with AVT (Auditory Verbal Therapy) when he was younger but with several replacement/revision surgeries on his implants, he relies on speech reading to help him "hear" in noisy situations. He will not be quizzed on any films or movies without proper captioning and he will have an inclusion teacher which will help as well. Both of my children do small group testing on any state standardized tests.

Brooklyn has improved her speech reading ability over the years but can't be deemed a master by any means, since she can hear better in a classroom (with the aid of her personal FM) and she is all set for fourth grade. I'm very grateful I work at both schools subbing and hope to be at both A LOT next school year!


ann said...

You can't follow him everywhere, but I know you want to.

Anonymous said...

Congrats G-man! You will do great!

Diane said...

You are such an amazing advocate for your kids!! They are blessed to have you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a computerized notetaker in northern Ontario and have been reading your blog for over a year. I wish your son great success. I can tell you, as a notetaker, we take our jobs very seriously and have often been an advocate in the classroom for accommodation. Working with hard of hearing students, people often forget this is a challenge and the amount of concentration spent on communication is extraordinary. He is very lucky to have a mom who works hard to make sure he has what he needs. Kudos to you!