Friday, March 22, 2013

Goldenhar Boy

So I was lying on the O.R. table (it was actually more like a doctor's office-I had no anesthesia) trying to think of anything to say to drown out that LOUD snipping as the surgeon removed skin and tissue deep within my foot (another skin cancer). I blurted out (in a voice that was a little too loud for the awkward quiet) "So where did my other doctor go?" Realizing instantly my voice was off key and too loud I tried to retract some composure as my blood pressure soared with every SNIP, SNIP, SNIP!!!! "I mean, Dr. C? She's not here anymore right? She always used to ask me questions about my Goldenhar Boy."

She knew exactly what I meant when I said the word Goldenhar and she starting spouting off facts she knew to confirm I was referring to the same syndrome, "Does he have any Renal issues?" Our conversation progressed just as I had hoped and I forgot all about what this lady was amputating...

By the time she finished sewing me up, I had agreed to bring him in, next November, to meet doctors from all over as she was in charge of organizing an annual event for doctors to meet with patients who have disorders, dermatology issues, or rare syndromes which might land them in an office like theirs one day. Basically Gage and I will kinda sit around and chat as these doctors make their way from group to group and answer any questions they may have. I warned her Gage was quite the talker and he's used to helping out the medical field any way he can. We know that, not only could it affect his own future, but others that come in behind him with this same rare syndrome...
a doctor will be able to say, "Oh Goldenhar Syndrome! Yes, I'm familiar with that, I met a 12 year old boy with that when I was in Alabama once!"

We are beginning our Spring Break at school this weekend and it won't be long until we are here for the Summer!! Woop Woop!

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dlefler said...

I love the fact that Gage is such a talker and is willing to help doctors learn about Goldenhar. I think the more awareness, the better!