Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Our first Trunk or Treat at our church and the picture of my trunk decided to do a disappearing act on my phone! It wasn't that special but we had blue and white lights all in the trunk with snakes and candy everywhere. I did capture some other cute trunks though and Brooklyn being a rock star. Gage was too mature to dress up at the church event (lol) and he was too busy running 90 mph with his church buddies so I never got a shot of him.

I will tell you that even at close range, it is still to this day harder for Gage to "hear" in the dark which means he uses lip reading quite a bit. I don't mind I assure you in fact I encourage it with him. He's had way too many surgeries and although there was once a time he didn't rely on it at all, he needs the visual. Brooklyn is actually a better lip reader now than she used to be. She used to not be able to read speech at all, I could say watermelon and she's say shoe??? My mother actually pointed out that she was doing better (I didn't believe her at first) after Brook had spent the night with her, and sure enough...she is. However, during the day with her ears on, she doesn't need it at all.

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