Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blakely Updates

I think my child blogs more than I do now. That's what happens when you have two jobs, two kids, a husband and a wonderfully fun place to live! I keep extremely busy these days between all of that and PTO and church so I have my excuses for not blogging.

We finally have Brook's FM working again on both ears. She's back on track. Even though she's only in third grade, I never have to tell her to do homework, she just does it. The other kid is a different story and his grades reflect that! He just got his ears MAPped again so he's hearing better for now and will go back next month as usual. His nose bleeds have picked up once again. We were supposed to get that cauterized before, during another surgery, but we never had it written down for the surgeon to do, just a verbal thing, so with Gman's complications it got overlooked. We may end up having to take him back one of these days for a little procedure to fix that. He hates nose bleeds.

We are excited about Thanksgiving this week, and look forward to family time. I've actually been put in charge of two casseroles for the first time ever so let's hope they are edible. I'll be gone ALL DAY LONG on Friday for my annual shopping trip and we plan to put up our Christmas tree this weekend! I have so much to be thankful for and everyday is kinda like Thanksgiving for me so say your prayers, and let HIM know what you are thankful for this year!

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