Sunday, October 7, 2012

She needs new ears

Gman had his much needed MAPping session this past week. I was in survival mode and trying to get well from a wild form of crud that unleashed inside my head and lungs, so I'm just now feeling bloggy!

We had hoped this tax season (around March or so) that we would have been able to upgrade Brook's processors. She's had them for years and they've been out of warranty for quite some time. However, with all of Gman's surgeries, we have always had extra parts to make do if something broke. We just never got around to it and the cost of such an upgrade is very steep. Like just under three grand steep (that is just a guess-our insurance will cover 80% of an upgrade-they are just under 20 grand for two ears-but we would have a trade-in credit with two of her old processors from what I can tell...

The bottom line is that by this next tax season, we will have enough saved back to upgrade the child to new ears. That is going to be hard with Christmas around the corner but she needs them, she wants them, and she deserves them. I am very excited about it and will be praying that we accomplish this and get that baby some new ears!!

She goes in for her annual MAPping in January and we will know more about the finances, and possible upgrade at that time. Gman is still going every six weeks at this point and will be MAPped again before our Thanksgiving break. He needed lots of changes on both ears this time, and he did so well...he actually earned a prize!! Blakelys never earn prizes there (they just give up) so that was a real treat!

We are torn between going to the 300th cochlear implant celebration next Sunday with The HEAR Center to the ever-so-awesome McWane Center or the Pumpkin Patch with our church. We signed up for both and if it rains we have decided to attend the science center (my kids have been recently already) and if not...Pumpkin Patch here we come!

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