Saturday, September 29, 2012

He's 60

For years this same art lady has been at G's annual appointment at this clinic in Children's Hospital. He loves seeing her because that means that the four hours he spends in there, won't seem like four hours...and I can't imagine sitting in there that long without the art lady!

This is sort of a review by a team of people including a dentist, surgeon, nutritionist, social worker, etc....that's why it takes so long. So what did we find out?

He's four feet five inches tall and he's 60 pounds!!! Finally. We waited years for him to reach 20, then 40, and now at 11 1/2 years old, he's sixty pounds.

The plan is the same for his mouth. No orthodontics yet because he still has baby teeth in the back, keep up with the dental work (regular cleanings, etc). The dentist will sort of get us by with partials (later on) and whatever temporary magic solutions he has to keep him eating and chewing properly until he reaches age 17 (or there about). We need to let him grow as much as possible before breaking out the big guns...which may include jaw distraction (lengthening one side of his jaw to match the other side), braces, dental implants...a whole lot of work! But for now, we deal with what he's got and be thankful he does have some teeth.

He goes Tuesday for MAPping, which he needs desperately! He is struggling at home to hear/understand what we are saying so I know he has to be struggling at school. He's such a good speech reader though, he manages well...another reason to be thankful.

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