Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Whew. That's all I have left to say about the MAPping appointment. Besides, I've already blogged it all HERE.

But Summer Break has started here for the Blakely kids and aside from the little incidences with today appointment, we are enjoying our time away...from almost everything.

At our appointment, we met a cute little dude from The Bell Center who had just graduated but is attending the summer program AND we saw a little girl and her mom who attended one of our PEEPs in the Park events last year. We have been wondering about her all this time. She is a cochlear implant candidate but the family still isn't convinced or ready to make that type of commitment. Loved catching up with her. We had hoped to run into another family that blogs, but we missed them, darn.

Little man is hearing better and should be good til next month while Brook will probably get a quick tune-up before school starts but she only needs a once a year MAPping these days. Fantastic. We discussed going back to the Geneticist office who may or may not be able to determine a cause or link between the two kids' hearing loss now.

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Jennifer said...

I hate we missed you! We had the whole crew in tow...my hubby and all 3 kids. It was quite the scene. Tomorrow we have to go back for our mapping...hoping its less eventful than today was for you. :) I'm leaving the boys in Cullman, so maybe EK will be less distracted. :)