Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gulf Shores Beach

So we just got back from the beach here in glorious Alabama. Even when it rains 85% of the time, you are still at the beach! We barely had any time to actually get down there in the sand...maybe 5 whole hours the entire trip. However, as long as it wasn't lightening, we let the kids swim in the pool, even during downpours. We sat there under the shelter of the building which had tons of chairs and we just pretended it was perfect weather.

I have waterproof containers (like Otter boxes or waterproof cell phone boxes) that I use to put the kids' implants in while they are swimming, but Gage wore his most of the time down at the ocean. He likes to catch fish in a net and he tapes his "ears" on really well so I don't worry too much about them falling off. As the rain picked up though, he did come to me and turn them in, because they were getting quiet. I always bring a dry n store down there with us so I'd simply put them in the machine for a an hour or so when we got back to the room (and then again all night long at the end of the day) and they were perfectly fine.

this looks sad...all that rain

Cousin Kendall went with us

Cuz Kendall, Brooklyn, Gage
There was one episode where Brook locked herself in the bathroom to take a shower...I needed to get in there to wash her hair (she had an earache) but we are so used to the switch being on the outside of the door rather than inside, there was no way I could alert her. Beating on the wall was out of the question due to being in a condo w/neighbors above and below and all around (they can usually feel a good door pounding, lol). But she finally opened the door and everything worked out...

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