Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

It is hot hot hot here in Alabama. Might be 104 or so today and the next few days as well. We need rain rain rain!!

The kids stayed in the pool for like 3 hours yesterday. No kidding, that's the only way they could play outside! They communicate just fine without their devices and quite frankly I think they enjoy the quiet.

We've been at revival all week at our church. They LOVED it. And they behaved so well! Brook went to work with me each day for about three hours during the mornings, then Gage had a dentist appointment on Monday. He has one tooth that is very loose but he agreed to pull it himself. Then he has two more in the back that his mouth just won't let go of, so he's scheduled for the 9th to have them pulled by the dentist....laughing gas here we

He also had mapping this week. We made it through that appointment and have NOTHING scheduled for next week but good ole family time (and one b'day party)!!

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