Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Why do children do things like this to their faces when you have a doctor's appointment?? Well, just as I told him, everyone stared...

He finally weighs 57 lbs.!! Woop Woop which his doc says is appropriate for his height. He had to get one shot, not a big deal...

He won himself a dollar for not crying or fussing too much...(he still doesn't know how cheap I am, lol)

He's very proud of himself for being such a big boy! I have to sub the next two days, but after next week, we are pretty much done with school. We are out for the holiday on the 28th, the 29th I have an eye appointment so they will go but I don't even plan on sending them the 30th which is the offical last day for students...I'm looking forward to our beach trip in JUNE!!!

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