Monday, May 21, 2012

She Heard

For the first time ever, my daughter got in the car last night after our church service, and told ME about the service. If you have a deaf child similar to mine, you know this is an amazing accomplishment. The preacher last night was much more soft spoken than our Pastor, he used no mic, and we were sitting in the middle of the small church.

"Mama, I heard the story. I heard what he said about the lady in the hospital needing a heart scan and she was jumping around mad at first. But they were nice to her anyway, so she started being nicer too."
Usually, I'm the one repeating the stories, repeating the messages, repeating words to songs, but last night, she listened...she heard.

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Lucas'Mommy said...

What an amazing feeling that must be! Now you know she can be listening! Hahaha.... :)