Friday, November 11, 2011

Ear Tune Up

So thankful for all our Veterans who have risked everything to ensure we continue living our free lives.

We didn't sleep in our day off from school though, we headed to Birmingham to get Gman an ear tune up. Everything went great, he's still lookin' good as far as audiology goes. We go back on our Christmas break for both kiddos. Brook doesn't need near as many visits as he does but she will need a tune up soon we went ahead and decided to get both kids seen next month.

I am staying booked as far as subbing goes. I rarely have off days anymore but I like being busy. If I got back to the Accountant's office in January I'll just have to carve out a couple of days a week to do that and sub the other days. I actually like being at the high school this year. I'm over there as much (if not more) than I am at the elementary. I used to dread getting those calls but I've stuck with it, and now I like it.

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leah said...

Here's to good tune ups for both of them at the next appointment! Subbing high school would stress me out - but I suppose you get used to it like anything else!